Ambassadors are a link to our members. The Committee is responsible for promoting the growth of the Board by promoting the benefits of Board membership, encouraging members to participate in Board activities, and by assisting where possible, either directly or through referral to Board staff or the Board itself, with member retention.

The Ambassadors focus on two main areas – retention and events. On the retention side they conduct phone surveys to acquire feedback from the membership on specific issues or to access their general level of satisfaction with their Board membership. In regards to events they participate in as many Board sponsored events as possible. They are asked to assist with preparation, hosting, and making guests feel welcome. They also discuss ideas for guest speakers at upcoming events and different ways of including networking at our events.

The term of an Ambassador is two years.


Roles and Responsibilities of Ambassadors:

  • To attend regular meetings of the Committee. Monthly meetings of the Ambassadors’ Committee (approximately 1.5 hours) will be held during the period of September through June. Meetings in July and August would only occur if circumstances require. Our attendance policy is; if an Ambassador is absent from three consecutive, unexcused meetings, the Chair may make a determination for resignation whereupon the Ambassador shall be deemed to have resigned.
  • To learn about all aspects of the Board.
  • To help further the goals and mandate of the Board through:
    • Welcoming new members at member events,
    • communicating and promoting benefits of Board membership; and
    • initiating and facilitating discussion and networking at Board events.
  • To help with membership growth and retention by:
    • Encouraging other members to take a more active part in Board memberships,
    • suggesting potential members,
    • welcoming new members to the Board, answering any questions they may have; and encouraging them to take an active role.


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For more information on becoming a Board of Trade Ambassador please contact Lori Coleman at 726-2961, ext. 6 or

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