At the St. John’s Board of Trade, connecting with our members is important. Our staff come from various backgrounds and have expertise in diverse areas. We look forward to talking with you, hearing your feedback, and learning about your membership experience. Please contact us for more information.


Nancy Healey, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
p. 726-2961, ext. 1

As Chief Executive Officer, Nancy is responsible for managing and administering the day-to-day operations for the St. John’s Board of Trade. She provides overall leadership in the administration of the Board’s operations by planning, organizing, managing, and evaluating programs, services, and facilities of the Board. In addition, she supports the chair and the executive in their dealings with the federal, provincial, and municipal governments, as well as other associations and stakeholders.

Jennifer Chaytor, Manager of Finance & Compliance
p. 726-2961, ext. 4

The Manager of Finance & Compliance is responsible for maintaining the day-to-day financial control of the Board and ensuring that all the finances are properly administered and monitored with the assistance of the CEO and the Secretary/Treasurer. Duties include: accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, budgets, and financial statements. Jennifer also ensures the Board is in compliance with all regulatory bodies relating to all government agencies. Jennifer is also a member of the Treasurer’s Committee and is the staff-support to the Secretary/Treasurer.

Margie Davis, Executive Sales Director
p. 726-2961, ext. 2

Margie oversees the sales activities for all areas of the Board. Her core responsibilities include recruitment of new members and securing advertising for the monthly publication; Business News magazine. In addition, Margie looks after renewing and recruiting new investors in the Corporate Partnership Program for the Platinum, Gold and Silver levels. Also, she oversees the sale of booths in the Business Show, which is part of the Business Development Summit happening each year in January.

Lori Tobin, Manager of Business Affairs
p. 726-2961, ext. 6

The Manager of Business Affairs is responsible for planning and organizing events and meetings for the St. John’s Board of Trade. Lori oversees logistics and post-event activities. In particular, this position plans and produces events such as the annual golf tournament, the Business Excellence Awards, the Business Development Summit, and monthly luncheons. Lori also manages a variety of business affairs and administration matters including membership renewals and affinity programs; and, works closely with the Ambassadors’ Committee.

Jackie Bryant Cumby, Member Relations Administrator
p. 726-2961, ext. 0

Jackie works closely with the Board, management, and communications teams to provide current information to the Board of Trade membership and its volunteers. Her role involves database management, e-marketing design and delivery, and technology support for staff. She works with the member benefits team in providing support through collateral development. Jackie is also the recording secretary for the Board of Trade and the Newfoundland & Labrador Angel Network (BOT Capital Project), giving administrative support to the respective Boards.

Wanda Palmer, Director of Sales and Member Fulfillment
p. 726-2961, ext. 9

Wanda is Director of Sales and Member Fulfillment for the St. John’s Board of Trade. She is responsible for all online advertising through the Board’s website and electronic newsletter and brings extensive experience in this role. Wanda markets all upcoming events including luncheons, mixers, and special events such as the Business Awards show. Also, she reserves bookings and follows up with event details. In addition, she markets the opportunity to promote member companies in the annual Business Directory; selling and collecting ads and proofs before publishing.

Rhonda Tulk-Lane, Policy and Advocacy Specialist
p. 726-2961 ext 3

As Policy and Advocacy Specialist , Rhonda leads the advocacy efforts of the St. John’s Board of Trade in the areas of federal, provincial, and municipal issues. She is responsible for leading the St. John’s Board of Trade’s policy research to further the interests of its members. Rhonda will develop and foster positive working relationships and linkages with key government officials, departments, and political representatives, particularly at the provincial and federal levels.


Kristina George, Communications and Advocacy Specialist
p. 726-2961, ext. 5

The Communications and Advocacy Specialist works with the Board of Directors, staff and committees, and consults with members to advance the policy agenda, proactive positions and messages on key business issues. The Communications and Advocacy Specialist also collaborates with the Policy and Advocacy Specialist to support effective advocacy efforts, oversees publication of the Business News Magazine, leads online and social media communications on behalf of the Board of Trade, and is the point of contact for media.

Brendan Hagerty, Labrador and Labour Market Specialist
p. 726-2961, ext. 116

As the Labrador and Labour Market Specialist, Brendan Hagerty, is responsible for connecting small and medium-sized enterprise with business development initiatives and partnerships. He will guide members through the process of how, where, and who to do business with in Labrador and other Northern regions. Brendan, along with the Labrador committee, will offer members a number of opportunities to expand their knowledge and gain insightful awareness of the procurement process in the supply chain of resource development companies in these areas. He will also help members become familiar with practical labour market resources offered by stakeholder groups on recruitment and retention of employees.