Representing You

Since 1971, the St. John’s Board of Trade has connected businesses from all sectors to advocate for policies that foster a strong, competitive economic environment that benefits businesses. Representing more than 900 businesses and advocating to all levels of government the St. John’s Board of Trade is the principal voice of the business community.



Advocacy is an integral part of the activity for the St. John’s Board of Trade and is focused on reducing the cost of doing business. Taxes and user fees set by governments and their agencies can be expensive. The Board advocates for tax fairness, cost controls, deficit elimination and debt repayment, and reasonable user fees for services to support your business efforts.

Issues are identified in a number of ways:  by members, through committees, via media, and public debate. There are many ways that the Board gets and stays engaged in what’s important to your business. Members are always welcome to talk to Board volunteers or staff about our advocacy efforts. The feedback loops are numerous – Directors, Ambassadors, committee members, staff.

For more information on how the Board advocates for you, take a look at the submissions we make to all levels of government, the correspondence we have with political leaders and senior officials, and see what we’re concentrating on all year long in our policy committees.

The Advocacy Challenge

Business advocacy can be a challenge to understand, and to explain. There are many shades of grey in policy and advocacy, but the result is often black or white. The business climate is either improved or challenged by government action. The Board’s advocacy efforts are focused on making sure it is continually improved so that you can compete and succeed.

Advocacy comes in many forms, from informal discussions between Board staff and government officials to major public campaigns that put the volunteers of the St. John’s Board of Trade front and centre on important issues. The results come in many forms; from seemingly minor but important process improvements at all levels of government to major initiatives that support the private sector.

Your membership in the St. John’s Board of Trade supports advocacy efforts because yours is another voice speaking about your priorities. Each voice, together, can gain and sustain the attention of government and get action on your needs. Bringing your ideas and concerns to the Board through a policy committee, volunteers, or staff contributes to policy because it is more information the Board has about the needs of its members. To find out more about advocacy efforts, click on any of the links below.

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