Advocacy Priorities 2016

This city depends on a strong economy in order to thrive, and strong economies are built by healthy businesses. It is important that policy-makers understand the impact legislation has on the business community so that policy encourages economic growth, not hinder it. Having a healthy business community encourages other businesses to locate to the Northeast Avalon, making our region more vibrant and creating a higher quality of life.

The St. John’s Board of Trade, through its membership and committees, advocate for public policies that foster a competitive and healthy economic environment. Some of the key areas that the Board will focus on in 2016 are:

Advocacy & Resources

Priorities for 2016-2017 include:

  • Fiscal accountability
  • Strengthening our relationship with the City
  • Long-time infrastructure planning

a complete listing of our advocacy efforts with the City click here.

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Provincial and Federal Advocacy & Resources

Priorities for 2016-2017 include:

  • Partnerships with government
  • Growing a talented population

For a complete listing of our advocacy efforts with the Provincial and Federal governments click here.

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