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Condolences on Passing of Founding President
Above photo was taken in August 2011 when Mr. Bob Innes turned 90. Presenting a birthday gift to him was the 2011 Board Chair Jo Mark Zurel, left, Mr. Bob Innes, and the 2009 Chair Bruce Templeton.
Chair Des Whelan
Chair Des Whelan

Message from the Chair

Condolences on Passing of Founding President, Mr. Bob Innes

On behalf of the members, staff, and Board of Directors at the St. John’s Board of Trade, I would like to express my sincere condolences to the family of the late Bob Innes, who passed away on October 24. Mr. Innes was the first President of the St. John’s Board of Trade when it was founded in 1971. The Board of Trade has a long standing history in our business community. One of the main reasons we existed in the first place was because of people like Mr. Bob Innes.

Mr. Innes was a dedicated member of our organization from the moment it was founded. He was a leader in the business community as well as a visionary for the betterment of our economic well-being. He was a true gentleman and he has left a profound impact on those he met and worked with. We are very grateful and proud of his meaningful contributions to the St. John’s Board of Trade.

In addition to his involvement with our organization, Mr. Innes was well known in the business community for his active involvement. He was a leader in every way and will be truly missed.

To honour Mr. Innes, he will be inducted as an honourary member of the St. John’s Board of Trade. In addition, we will close our office to attend his funeral on November 2, at 2 p.m.

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