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Municipal Budget 2017 Submission


The St. John’s Board of Trade is committed to helping business succeed. This submission is presented on behalf of our 831 members representing more than 25,000 employees. The recommendations offer opportunities to ensure St. John’s remains an attractive place to live, work and raise our families.

Recommendations include:

  • reducing the mil rate
  • investing in strategic infrastructure
  • fostering a culture of innovation

The Board applauds council and staff for the achievements that have been made over the last year through the program review resulting in $7,066,624 in potential operating savings in 2017 and $7,060,141 in 2018. This brings the net operation savings to over $13 million. We look forward to the City’s continued success in achieving an effective and efficient public service.


  1. That the City of St. John’s commercial tax rate and business fees should complement an efficiently run government.
  2. That the City of St. John’s reduce the commercial mil rate as it committed to in the 2017 Operating Budget Guidelines.
  3. That the City of St. John’s continue to explore and support intensification as a way to keep future infrastructure cost down.
  4. That the City of St. John’s continue to increase its capacity to deliver partnerships with the private sector. The City is encouraged to create a 2017 program initiative to realize partnership options.
  5. That the City of St. John’s prioritize expenditures and continue the program review to find efficiencies and innovations to help save the taxpayers money.

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